Blue Hair Don't Care

Posted on July 04 2015

I'm obsessed with coloured hair. Yes obviously my hair is already "coloured", I dye it blonde... But I'm obsessed with rainbow coloured hair!

I love that it's now becoming more mainstream & acceptable. However I'm still too scared to go all out & dye it for reals... Maybe one day.

I did my research & found a great DYI way to put bright colour in my hair without the commitment. Delving into the Instagram world I found Rachael Brook ( a makeup artist & beauty blogger who had created a dip-dyed effect on her blonde hair using just eyeshadow! You can see the tutorial I followed here > 

I had a big event coming up, so I planned to dye my hair blue so it would match my dress (see the party pics on my blog post The Roaring Twenties). I used a blue Ben Nye eyeshadow I've had for years >

And then I went to town on the ends of my hair! It took at lot longer than the tutorial as I've got very thick hair, but all up it was about 40 minutes I think!

^ My transformation! *cringe* I'm sharing a #nomakeup photo with you, but I wanted to show my full transformation. It's amazing what a curling wand, makeup & blue eyeshadow can do!

I didn't wash my hair for a whole week, and it lasted the whole time. I loved it even more once my curls had fallen out & the colour looked a little more ombre.

On the sad day that I washed it out, the shower water ran blue (*sob sob*) and it went away... 95% of it. I still have some subtle blue patches, but no one else has noticed them but me and they're not an issue. 

So all up I loved having coloured hair! I felt that little bit special walking around Coles with blue hair, and even noticed a few extra looks when out at the pub ;) Whether they were good stares or not - blue hair, don't care!

Have you coloured your hair a bright colour? I'm going to go purple or pink next...

Kel xx


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  • Michelle : July 05, 2015

    i want to do this!

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