Exciting news...


Oh hey girl hey!


We are absolutely fizzing with delight over here! Wanna know why??


Because from 7pm AEDT on 28 October, we are extending our size offering up to size 22! (YAAAAASSSSSS!) 


We’ve been wanting to make our store more size-inclusive for a while, so in the background we’ve been busily preparing—making sure everything is in place so we can launch this fabulousness to our LPD community. We’re SO thrilled it’s finally here!


So, what can you expect?


Well, gorgeous, we’re still a small business, so with over 900 styles available, we do need to start out slowly. That means not all new styles will be available up to size 22 straight away—we’ll be extending our size offering over time.


We’ll restock a whole bunch of our most popular styles up to size 22 each week (because it’s always fun to start with the favs). Then, for a few months, we’ll have some mixed sizes coming in for our weekly Monday night new arrivals—sometimes they’ll be sizes 6–18, and other times they’ll be up to size 22. This is because we’d already placed orders on some new styles before we were ready to extend. Stick with us, though, because after that, we’ll be offering ALL of our fabulous new styles in sizes 6–22! (apart from a small number that are made in S, M, L, XL, etc. for production reasons).


Our first drop will include our Christmas Collection, which we’re thrilled to offer in sizes 6–22! The collection is delicious, and we know you’re going to adore it! Plus, we’ll have a large selection of our favourite current styles—think Marley, Oscar, Fiona, and Georgie.… Squeee!



Got some questions? We got you.


I’m new to Little Party Dress. What if I get the size wrong or it doesn’t fit right? Or what if I just don’t like it?

Oh hey lovely! We’re so glad you’re here!

We really want you to LOVE yourself in your LPD styles. If you don’t feel great in what you’ve bought—for whatever reason—we will happily offer you a refund, exchange, or store credit on any full-price styles for 30 days. Also, you’re new to us, so we know it can help to be able to just try some things on to get a feel for our sizing and shapes. You do what you need to do! There’s more information on our returns page if you need it. 


Is this a “curve range”?

This isn’t a curve range. This is our same fabulously-bold, brightly-coloured, pocketed-wherever-possible range with more inclusive sizing options. We’re extending from our current offering of sizes 6–18 to include up to size 22. This means each piece will go up 1–2 cm per size across all the seams.

We’ve updated our size guide to reflect the new sizes, but, as we’ve always said, the size guide isn’t an “exact science”. We recommend you read the product descriptions and think about the shape of your own individual body.


Will you have plus-size models wearing your dresses?

We’ll continue to use a variety of models of different shapes and sizes for all our styles. At the moment, we have the capacity to use only one model per product, and our current LPD babes range from size 10 through to size 18.

We decided it was more important to extend the size range as soon as we could, even if we couldn’t offer various-sized models on every single product right now.… But having said that, we would absolutely LOVE to use two different-sized models for every product in the future.

Just FYI, our first drop will be modelled by a stunning babe who wears a size 12–14 in our styles.


Will you extend your size range beyond size 22?

Generally, our sizing is more generous than that of a lot of other stores, so a size 22 from our range might fit you if you’re a size 24–26 elsewhere. Please refer to our size guide, detailed product descriptions, and other customer reviews where they’re available. At the moment, we have the capacity to extend only to size 22 because we are still quite a small business. But don’t get me wrong—we’re definitely not saying “never”!


How often will you get new styles in that are available up to size 22?

Our new arrivals drop at 7pm AEDT every Monday night, so we’ll be offering some of our newest styles in sizes 6–22 from Monday 28 October!

We restock our popular styles each week, and they can arrive at any time (we’re crazy like that!), so make sure you keep an eye out. Some weeks we’ll have lots of new options available up to size 22, and other weeks there may be only a few—this is because we’d already placed some orders before we were ready to extend our size range. But, after a few months, EVERY new style will be available in sizes 6–22. Huzzah!


If you’re after our new extended sizes, your best bet is to sign up to our newsletter. We’ll let you know as soon as we get restock drops and new arrivals.


If you have questions about our shipping (which is super fast!), returns, size guide, or anything else, our frequently asked questions page is all kinds of helpful! 


If you’d like to know about Little Party Dress, our story, and our production practices, you can head to our about us page.



Just one more thing… Thank you!


We just wanted to say, thank you SO much for coming along on this journey with us. We’re so excited to be able to extend our size offering and give greater choice to our gorgeous LPD community, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback about our extended sizes! Why not send us an email and let us know what you think?


Much love,

Kel and the ever growing LPD team