Hey, stylish educators! Get ready to spice up your classroom vibe with subject-specific dresses! From Visual Arts to English, we're diving into how your wardrobe can rock both education and style simultaneously. Let's celebrate the diverse tapestry of subjects that inspire us, one fabulous outfit at a time! 💃📚✨

Visual Arts
Calling all creative queens! We don’t know of a dress that screams visual arts more than the fun and colourful Marley Pencils Dress! Rock this bold beauty in the classroom and you’re sure to inspire some fabulous works of art! Shop the dress here

Are you ready to mix molecules with style? Introducing the Marley Celestial Sky Dress, the perfect dress for our laboratory aficionados. Get ready to dazzle your students while dissecting frogs or concocting chemical reactions. It's time to bring some serious flair to the world of science education! 🔬👗✨ Shop the look here!

Information Technology (IT)
This one is for the tech wizards! Get ready to upgrade your wardrobe with the ultimate IT teacher dress; the Frankie Love Pellets Dress. Whether you're coding algorithms or troubleshooting networks, this dress has got you covered in geek-chic elegance! 💻👗✨

Food Technology
Cooking fabulous food in an even more fabulous outfit? YES PLEASE! Whether you're whipping up recipes or mastering kitchen gadgets, our Marley Watermelon Stack Dress is the perfect blend of style and functionality! (And it’s a super sweet print!)

If reading books is your passion then this is the teacher dress for you…introducing our Marley Magic of Books Dress! Whether you're dissecting Shakespeare or diving into Dickens, this dress exudes literary charm and academic elegance. It's time to bring your passion for prose to life in fashion-forward flair! 📚👗✨

Step into the spotlight with the ultimate dress for textiles teachers, our Birdie Gingham Red Dress. Crafted with creativity and stitched with class, this dress is the perfect blend of fashion and function. Whether you're teaching stitching techniques or unleashing your inner fashion designer, this dress is your perfect canvas for creative expression! 🧵👗✨

Based on the subject you teach, what will you be wearing to the classroom?