Picture this: You wake up in the morning, feeling a little tired and not so fab. But wait! There's a magical wardrobe waiting for you, filled with fun clothes that can instantly boost your mood and make you feel like the superstar you are. Welcome to the wonderful world of... dopamine dressing! 

We all know the saying “look good, feel good” right?  

Dopamine Dressing is a term that stems from this saying which has gained popularity in recent years through a TikTok trend where users put together a bright and fun ensemble that satisfies both their need for fashion expression and mindfulness. 

Fashionista’s who choose to “dopamine dress” are challenged to “dress for joy” wearing clothes that boost the happy hormone. Think; colour blocking, print clashes and everything in between! It’s wild and FABULOUS!  

This trend embodies exactly what LPD is all about, having fun with your fashion and feeling good doing it! Push the limits of fashion, express yourself, be over the top and just HAVE A BALL!  

Shop these looks:

Fun colourful dresses

Our LPD loves are the QUEENS of Dopamine Dressing. You can check out some of their amazing looks for inspo below! How can you not smile looking at these?!  

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