Imagine if you could own a cocktail dress that matches one of your favourite cocktail drinks? How cool would that be?! We’ve narrowed down some of our favourite drinks and dresses to match!  

The Blue Lagoon Cocktail 
Vibrant, daring, and absolutely delightful! Imagine our Taylor Ombre Silver Dress as a Blue Lagoon Cocktail—it’s a perfect match! Infused with captivating shades of blue and green, this cocktail dress guarantees all eyes on you, much like the cocktail itself when you order it! (Who could resist such a mesmerising colour combination!?) 

Taylor Ombre Silver Sequin Dress

Espresso Martini 
When it comes to cocktails, few are as iconic as the Espresso Martini. So why not complement it with a classic cocktail dress? Introducing the timeless Demi Black Dress. Versatile enough for any occasion, whether it's a leisurely brunch or a romantic date night. Just like your Espresso Martini, the Demi Dress promises to be both present and fabulous! 

Demi Black Dress

If you're a pop culture and fashion lover, then you're likely familiar with the iconic association between the Cosmopolitan cocktail and the beloved TV character Carrie Bradshaw. Embrace your inner Carrie by indulging in a Cosmo while donning a vibrant and glamorous frock. Look no further than the Melanie Pink Dress- the perfect cocktail dress for your next event! No matter, the occasion, you’re in for some fun! 

Melanie Pink Lace Dress

What are you waiting for? Add these beauties to your tab (I mean, cart) and let’s have some fun!  

Little Party Dress x