Our Marley Dress is one of our MOST POPULAR styles. Which is why we have derived so many styles from it. From fabric to sleeve to skirt length, each style created is the same fit and style of the original Marley design.  

If you love Marley, you’ll love the whole family! So let us introduce you to them! 


If you’re a shorter girlie, you may be familiar with Siena, Marley’s “younger sister” if you will. This style is the exact same fit as a Marley with a shorter skirt. If you like this style, you’ll LOVE our three new prints, Siena Rainbow Vibing Dress, Siena Alpha Animals Dress, and the Siena Love Candy Black Dress.

Little Party Dress


If you’re a fan of the Marley style but not a fan of polyester, then Michelle is the perfect choice for you! Michelle is the exact same fit as Marley, but in a rayon fabric!  

We love the Michelle in this black and white spot print 🖤 Shop this dress here.

Michelle Black Irregular Spot Dress

Moving on with the family, we have Marlene! This is perfect for those who want to rock their Marley through the cooler seasons with the addition of its long, wide SLEEVES!  

Little Party Dress

Kristina & Kristen 
If you’re a fan of the Marley style but not a fan of its fabric, then the Kristina and Kristen are good options for you! The Kristina is the exact same fit as a Marley, but in a poly-linen and the Kristen is the long-sleeved poly-linen version.  


Little Party Dress


Little Party Dress


If you love the original and want to stick with Marley, here are some of our new arrivals.

Marley Dresses - Little Party Dress

And there you have it, that is our Marley family! Dress this style up or down and its retro vibe is sure to WOW!  

Little Party Dress x