Mara May Art 

The Artist

Tamara May Murray, known as Mara May, is a highly skilled and passionate artist hailing from the serene countryside of Coomealla, a small town located 25 kilometers northwest of Mildura. Growing up on the Namatjira Mission, Mara May has been honing her artistic talents for over two decades.

As a proud member of the Barkindtji tribe, Mara May draws inspiration from her ancestral roots in the Coomealla, Lake Victoria, and Mungo regions, which were passed down to her through her mother's lineage. Additionally, her father's side connects her to the Yorta Yorta and Dhudaroah tribes, originating from the Shepparton area. This rich heritage and deep connection to her land and culture serve as the driving force behind the captivating narratives woven into her artwork.

Mara May views her artistic abilities as a sacred gift bestowed upon her by the oldest living culture. She considers herself a custodian of this tradition, carrying it forward with immense pride and reverence. Despite not receiving formal training, her innate love for art and her ancestral heritage courses through her veins, guiding her artistic expression.

Through her art, Mara May aims to preserve and share the stories, history, and spirituality of her people. Her works serve as a visual testament to the resilience, wisdom, and beauty of Indigenous Australian culture. With each stroke of her brush or pencil, she breathes life into her subjects, capturing the essence of her ancestors and their connection to the land.

Mara May's artistic journey is a testament to the power of heritage, passion, and the unwavering commitment to preserving Indigenous culture. Her art serves as a bridge between the past and the present, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Indigenous storytelling and to appreciate the profound significance of this ancient culture. 

 The Artwork

Title: “Eternal Wisdom: Women Passing Knowledge”

Celebrate the strength and resilience of Aboriginal women in “Eternal Wisdom: Women Passing Knowledge.” This captivating artwork pays homage to their invaluable role in preserving cultural traditions and promoting healing within their communities. Through intergenerational connections, these women pass down knowledge that has the power to empower future generations. Let us honour their unwavering commitment to preserving heritage and fostering resilience.

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